An emotion, an expression, a picture

A visual storytelling to tell emotions of your special day

Wedding Photography

Fotografo Matrimonio Messina

In Wedding photography, Portrait styles are the best tools to enhance storytelling

Candid, classic, fashion or pictorial portraits: each one has their own way to communicate your emotions and way of being.
I choose the one that best suits the narrative in order to make a rich and intense tale of your special day.

Candid Photography

Candids capture the emotion at its peak of intensity. An unrepeatable moment turns endless in an image that is worth a whole story.

Reportage di Matrimonio in Sicilia

Classic Photography

The classic or posed portrait is creative fine photography. It is timeless and it is all about elegance, sophistication and good taste.



Details add nuances making the story more intriguing. They reveal even intimate aspects, thus increasing the emotional capacity of the story.

Sabina and Andrea wedding photography

In Wedding Photography each portrait style has its own flavour

If you would prefer your wedding storytelling to be in a documentary style, you could go for candid portraits able to capture the extemporaneity of the moment. The authenticity of expressions, the naturalness of a gesture or exchanging glances are captured in all of their freshness. A unique and unrepeatable moment turns endless in an image that is worth a whole story.

If you appreciate elegance and Creative fine photography instead, you could opt for the Classic and the Ambient Portrait. Every detail will be taken care of in all its aspects. Light becomes an important element to reveal the psychological traits of the photographed subject.

It is timeless in its will to recall the traditional portraits. Through Classic and Ambient Portrait, I am able to capture nuances of the subject’s soul. The Classic Portrait is a visual biography telling your story. This way, the resulting images become unforgettable. 

Every wedding has its own story to tell because each couple is unique. The stylistic choice should enhance the characteristics of the photographed subjects, communicating their spirit and way of being in order to make the story of their wedding one-of-a-kind.