A portrait, a story

Every portrait unveals a quality of our soul


Portrait Photography

Fotografo Matrimonio Messina

A Photographic Portrait is a possible truth because each face brings with it a personal story.

Portrait photography is a narrative tool that allows us to tell a story and to reveal the soul of the subject just like a small piece of a biography. Life is like a novel and everyone has their own personal story to tell.

Each story is full of colors and nuances constantly interlacing with each other. Everyone has its own story to tell. It is visible on the face of each of us; the Portrait Photography is a fragment of a biography capturing one of the many aspects of this story.

Gestures, facial expressions, postures, but especially the gaze, give a special access to our state of mind. Using Portrait Photography you can go even deeper and reveal the soul of a human being. A series of portraits realized over time can be an extraordinary and powerful narrative tool. Each image is a way to reveal different aspects of the identity of the subject portrayed. Therefore, everyone who accepts to be photographed agrees to reveal and communicate a deep part of himself. And at the same time it is a way to become aware of one’s identity.

Portrait Photography gives shape to an entity that usually remains hidden. A skilled photographer knows how to capture it in its most intimate essence and show it as he perceived it.

In Portrait Photography, our inner states of mind and emotions are frozen and shaped in images. However, each photo does not just reveal something about the subject: it also reveals something about the photographer who took the shot. For all these reasons, I believe that portraying a person is something extraordinary. It is the meeting of two souls who understand something more about themselves in the same instant they reveal themselves to each other through photography.