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Bride Fashion Portrait - Marco Terranova Photographer

Wedding Photographer

Fotografo Matrimonio Messina

Based in Sicily
Worldwide Available

Photography gives me the best chance to create high-impact visual stories of your wedding day.

Elegant photographic portrait of woman

MY name is Marco Terranova, I’m an Italian Wedding Photographer.

My specialties are Creative PortraitWedding Storytelling and Engagement Photography

I live in Sicily, a sunny island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, full of color and rich in traditions.
I love traveling, therefore I am available to move anywhere in the world.
I can tell about places, people and their emotions above all.
My photography aims at capturing colors, sounds and sensations of each moment of your life. My mission is to capture the most meaningful Photographic Story of your special day.

Fotografo Matrimonio Messina
Your emotions told through a visual story

As a wedding photographer I think photographic storytelling is the most engaging way to relive the intensity of unrepeatable moments.
Even more gestures, expressions, glances, they all blur into one unique image able to touch the heartstrings.

Sabina and Andrea wedding photography

Wedding Storytelling

Every wedding has its own story to tell and each couple is unique.
The stylistic choice should enhance the characteristics of the photographed subjects though. This way, it communicates their spirit and way of being in order to make the story of their wedding one-of-a-kind.
Fotografo Matrimonio Messina

Treasure your special moments

Engagement is a very sparkling moment for a couple.
Seduction, playfulness, lightness and freshness characterising this phase of a couple’s life making it unforgettable.
Servizio fotografico di Matrimonio in Sicilia

Engagement Portrait

An Engagement Photography session is an ideal way to capture this special time of your lives.

Imagine spending a pleasant afternoon some place you are emotionally attached to. The color shades and the sky’s brightness are constantly changing, creating different moods and atmospheres going from intense, rarefied to intimate ones. Engagement portrait is about turning these moments in creative and fun photos.


Federico Minasi - battesimo-9306

Personal and Family Photographer

Fixing remarkable moments of life. I am talking about Anniversaries and other special occasions. A photo represents an intense way to share your own memories with the loved ones. It also allows you to relive touching and meaningful moments of your story.

Premaman, bellypainting, portrait

Belly Painting Photography

In partnership with a very skilled make up artist, I capture the important, joyful and sweet wait of a new life soon to be born. The vivid colors of an artistic painting celebrating a special period of human life. Funny and cheerful photos can tell all of this in an unique way.

Patrizia e Carmelo-4010-servizio-fotografico-pre-matrimonio-Milazzo

Local Photographer

A photographer that will guide you through the most beautiful spots in Sicily. If you choose Sicily for a holiday or special occasion, I will show you all the most enchanting places of one of the most photographed islands in the world. And I will take unforgettable pictures of your journey.

Take care of your emotions

Important moments mark our daily lives writing a story we are the lead of. What we have lived makes us who we are and what we have learnt from our life stories shapes what we become. Hence the photographic storytelling of our most important moments are something to treasure. Thus, my work is dedicated to those who believe that emotions are precious memories to preserve through time.


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